Joan Frew offers 6 Crystals for Abundance for the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre
Joan Frew offers 6 Crystals for Abundance for the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre
Joan Frew offers 6 Crystals for Abundance for the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre
Arthur Conan Doyle Centre

Joan Frew Exclusive: 6 Crystal Tumbled Stones For Abundance + Frankincense

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Joan Frew draws from decades of crystal-healing experience to create this exclusive pack. Six crystals and carefully chosen affirmations to manifest abundance in your life. Make sure you continue 2021 with the right energy to attract good fortune.

Joan clears all stones before sending them so they are ready for you to use immediately. You will find working with crystals simple and effective. Hold or place one on the energy center mentioned below and repeat the affirmation. Or place crystals in a circle and choose a mantra to connect them.

Each pack includes an intuitively chosen:

Known as the abundance stone, citrine is good for manifesting prosperity, confidence, self-esteem and joy. It opens the mind to new thoughts and removes negativity. Keep near money to attract more or place in a grid. Also perfect if selling your home, place in a window that faces the front of the house to attract buyers. If they contain a rainbow they have the additional qualities of the spectrum ray and bring joy after the rain.

Aventurine, the stone of opportunity attracts good luck. It releases old habits and patterns. Brings trust and optimism to embrace change.

Green Goldstone
This stone brings joy and abundance. It helps you to give and receive from the heart. Plus, it helps you to focus on your goals and restores self-belief, brings confidence when in doubt or stressed. Green Goldstone brings a little magic into your life.

Balances emotions and hormones. Excellent to meditate with. Brings inner growth and strength. Stone of forgiveness. Brings luck and offers protection during travel.

Connects with sacral and root chakra. Restores vitality, motivation, and creativity. Brings dreams into reality. Brings energy and releases apathy. Soothes and calms anger or frustration to bring a sense of peace and calm. Brings abundance into the home and was used as a stone of protection.

Snowflake Obsidian
Helps you to learn from success as well as setbacks and melts emotional wounds and resentment. Releases distorted thinking, promotes decision making and helps if feeling lonely. Good for meditation to help you relax, bringing you back into balance. Brings strength in opportunities

Joan has also included some frankincense resin. You may burn this in your home similarly to a wax melt. Frankincense resin is a light yellow/gold colour. When burnt it produces a rich, dense fragrance. It's one of the best fragrances to burn for cleansing and clearing. It clears and refreshes even the toughest and worst atmospheres. It's good for clearing a room of other people's left-behind energy, or a new house if you're about to move in. Plus, it has warming and relaxing properties and is a good choice for dealing with stress.

It's also particularly good for spiritual development. It will help you open up to higher vibrations.

Everyone responds differently to crystals and you should go by your own experiences. Go with your instinct, you will know intuitively what crystal works best for you. 

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